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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Best Fake Friend" - KRYSTOF

We’ve all heard of the relationship failures and falling outs, but how many of us can also say we’ve experienced this with a friendship? “Best Fake Friend” is about a real plot twist that happens with your friend. Usually, we never think of not being with our BFF, we never think of an end. But people change and surprise you by being fake after all. Talking behind your back, being jealous, fake smiles and spreading rumors, newsflash– FAKE! This new single released by KRYSTOF, was intended to close a chapter in his life and help him move on from a toxic past.

“Best Fake Friend” is a slow, dreamy, soft pop track full of elongated melodic lines and sweet vocals. The synth heavy tune is relaxed until the buildup to the chorus where drum set enters the scene to add a bit of pick up. The main focus of the song is on the vocals. For the most part, the electronic bass lines are soft and in the background, setting the stage for KRYSTOF to shine. KRYSTOF has a nice tenor range in his singing and sounds similar to that of other pop icons such as Troye Sivan and LANY. The single runs at a time of only 2 minutes and 33 seconds, keeping it short and sweet. I think it’s nice that the song isn’t too drawn out, it gives you time to reflect on the past and then move on.

This Austria based singer/songwriter has been around music since birth. Having come from a musical family where his mother was a professional folk-singer, KRYSTOF has always had a love for the arts. Starting at the age of 5 KRYSTOF expressed himself through music and at the age of 14 he wrote his first song with self-learning guitar chords. Promoting his song covers on Instagram back in 2016, led him to gain a Spotify and YouTube following from across 75 countries. Since 2020, he has been taking vocal lessons to perfect his craft further. KRYSTOF had his big break after being discovered on Instagram by A&R manager Jazz Egger. Since then, KRYSTOF has signed with the Viennese record label, Global Rockstar. Continuing to release popular tracks, KRYSTOF is headed in the direction of fame!

Written By Emily Hancock



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