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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Billboards on Sunset" - Sarah Reeves

Being in a relationship with someone who fails to appreciate your efforts and the amount of time you invest in trying to bring joy to their life is honestly so draining. It seems as if your efforts just continue to disatisfy them. These types of people in relationships anticipate more, leaving you confused and burned out, wondering if they’re looking for someone or something more extravagant. Maybe like a billboard on Sunset Boulevard? In her latest single, “Billboards on Sunset,” Sarah Reeves expresses her frustration with people like this and how exhausting it is trying to fulfill their ridiculous and confusing desires for happiness.

The song starts off with Sarah sharing how unhappy this person is, despite her efforts of trying to make them happy. She uses a metaphor of having multiple drinks without experiencing any lasting effect as a way of illustrating how unsuccessful her efforts have been for them: "Three, four, five drinks in your glass 'till you feel something, but it never lasts." As the song goes on, she shares the different ways she attempted in putting joy into this person's life: “I give you the moon, but you just want the fireworks. You ask for the world and I give you the universe. I give you my all and I will even when it hurts.” This sounds pretty ridiculous, because what more could this person want? She also throws out the idea that this person just may want unrealistic expectations, such as having her flex it for more people to see: “What do you expect? A Billboard on Sunset? Do I gotta flex, so everyone sees it?", and, “I put my lips to your ear and whisper it crystal clear. But you want the world to hear. We're standing face to face, here in a sacred place. But you need a whole parade.”

Sarah Reeves is a pop singer and songwriter. At just 18 years old, she had signed her first record deal. For over a decade now, she’s been exploring her own creative expression while also writing songs for other artists, TV and film. To date, she has gathered more than 21.2 million Pandora lifetime streams and 33.3 million Youtube views. She also currently has over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with “Tell Me Why” surpassing 9 million streams. “Billboards on Sunset” is 1 of 16 songs that's going to be on Sarah’s upcoming album, “Best Days” which releases September 22nd. Check out “Billboards on Sunset” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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