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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Birthday" - The Magnettes

Have you ever had the feeling that you belong with someone, but you were just too afraid to tell them? Sometimes we fall in love with someone from a completely different world; kind of like a Romeo and Juliet situation. Except instead of fighting for your love, you keep quiet. Life goes on as you watch the person you love live their life without you. 'Birthday' by The Magnettes is about struggling with feelings for someone that you can't have. You watch their birthday go by, you watch them get married; and all because you were too afraid to speak up and tell them how you feel. Despite not being able to have them, you still have an urge to just grab them by the arm and runaway with them; somewhere away from the cruel world we live in today. But instead, you just sit and imagine what life would be like when them if you had the courage to speak up.

"Birthday" by The Magnettes is an incredibly catchy and unique alt. pop /synthpop song with a nostalgic 80s influence. The soundscape is an ethereal electronic experience that is both dreamy and danceable at the same time. The blend of their unique, raw and energetic vocals fit perfectly into the groove of the song. Between the strong electronic drum beats and the incredible assortment of synths, this song transports you into an 80s romance movie and makes you feel like the main character. This song is perfect to blast in your headphones while going on a jog or just laying alone in your room.

The Magnettes is a Swedish alt. pop group who debuted in 2012 with their single 'Paper Cut'. Their first ever album, 'Ugly Youth' released in 2017 which featured the song 'Sad Girls Club' that was used on the Netflix show Elite, and Young and Wild. 'Sad Girls Club' was also one of the top-ten most played Swedish tracks on national radio for 2017. They've toured in 20 countries, performed at award shows and at festivals. Now working with K51 Records and Warner Music Sweden, they're second album is in the works and is highly anticipated after the release of their single 'Monster' was released at the end of 2022 and their critically acclaimed documentary, The Magnettes, was released at the same time. Make sure to follow this incredible and unique band below.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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