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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Block My Number" - Mallory Wynne

With an upbeat break-up song, Mallory Wynne releases her first self-produced single, "Block My Number". It's fun, a little witty, and all-around catchy--a track to tell listeners, don't text your ex and try to have a little self-control. Lots of people can relate to the feeling after a breakup where even if you were 100% certain that it's what you wanted, you think maybe there's still a little time to reconcile, and all you have to do is reach out and make it happen. But really, that's just the immense change taking place--someone being a big part of your everyday routine and then cutting them off just like that. "Block My Number" is a catchy track that reminds you not to reach out--and maybe hope for them to cut you off, so you don't even get the chance.

After a significant change, some of us get impulsive. This applies to breakups as well--the idea that something is rapidly changing allows for that "what if?" to fester in your head. In "Block My Number" by Mallory Wynne, she sings, "Could you please block my number?/I don't have the self-control" about that little piece of doubt that shows when you dwell on the decision too much. The lyrics say, "Maybe radio silence/Will finally convince my mind/You're not coming back" because it's true--sometimes the best medicine for denial is not to have the option to do anything about it. The song takes this electronic vibe, distorting some of her beautiful vocals and melding it well with the bouncy melody.

Mallory Wynne is a singer/songwriter/producer based in LA. Originally born and raised in New Jersey, the talented artist strives to become an icon within the music world and help promote other women producers in the field. While "Block My Number" is her second single (her first being titled, Fluttering), it's actually her first dive into the world of self-producing. She spends some of her time promoting her music and songwriting capabilities by showcasing her process on Twitch under the username "malwritesmusic". Her sound is classic pop, and the upbeat melodies she has will definitely catch your attention on the first listen.

Written by Jane Katryn



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