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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Blood" - Jules Paymer

Picture the scene where a person is shown sitting at an old wooden table with two people who look like their parents sitting on either side of them, blurred as the camera slowly focuses on the person who is zoned out. The light clinks of silverware scraping porcelain plates fade as their thoughts grow louder: “Outside these four walls//You’d be out that door”; “If this wasn’t family//If it wouldn’t rip you apart//You would curse out their name.” Jules Paymer is the one at the head of the table, pining to say the thoughts endlessly circling in their head. Their melancholic single, “Blood,” is a battle of emotions, fighting off an inevitable conversation with a family that won’t understand, but struggling to hold their tongue because they are blood. The song’s story is told through tedious elemental production, like the faded conversation at the end of the song suggesting they eventually gained courage to talk to their family, and the melody’s intensity rising in certain parts to heighten the words. But the main element that ties everything together is Jules Paymer’s angelic voice acting as the calm in the storm, swiftly carrying the song’s message straight into our hearts.

Music helps to amplify feelings by identifying the exact emotions and placing the right sound to accompany it. “Blood” is a perfect depiction of this as Jules Paymer’s pain is perfectly embedded into the wistful synths, its yearning violins, sorrowful piano chords and intense electric guitars. Their lyrics also pinpoint the exact emotions the instrumentation suggests with lines like, “And that’s not your real smile//Cause you have one now//The more like you you are//The less they say they’re proud.” Hitting every pathos in your body, Jules Paymer succeeds at tugging on your heartstrings, making you sing out sympathies for someone you don’t know.

Jules Paymer is a Nashville based artist. Their discography is filled with nine singles, all in which perfectly encapsulate who they are as a person: real, raw and heartfelt. Seeking a solo career in the music industry is hard, but Jules Paymer proceeds to grow amidst its difficulties, with 95.6k followers on TikTok and over 2 million likes on their videos. With their popularity flourishing, compelling melodies and relatable writing, Jules Paymer is a rising star.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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