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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Blue" - Anna Josephine

Brilliantly introspective and reposeful, “Blue,” by singer-songwriter Anna Josephine perfectly captures a poet's heart laid bare. And to our grateful ears, Josephine has presented her song as a lyrically soothing sonata, a lullaby of plucking heartstrings, and an ephemeral moment. Pressed with winter shades and dreamy vocals, “Blue” resembles its title with delicate scenes of short-lived moments and the sting of their passing. “Hollow chest and restless eyes / Room more empty than before” Josephine lulls, “Precious daylight / Mid-December.” Moving and soft, “Blue” finds you wrapped up in an empty bed, filled with memories of it once being occupied by another kindred spirit. She sings, “Strain to listen through the fog / What’s another minute more.” “Blue” captures precious moments and the longing to keep them before they float away.

Wrapped in a simple acoustic plucking of delicate notes and a sweet, melancholic melody, Josephine delivers a “Blue” mood with a touch of soft vocals. With a soothing and tranquil voice, Josephine carries the song along like a calm flowing stream of water. Though the lyrics hit on heavier themes at moments, “Take again, another bite / Edibles won’t save you from your fears,” Josephine skillfully balances it out by keeping the song lighter in tone. Cut-up memories are scattered throughout, compelling us to piece together an unsolved puzzle, worn down by time and use. Lyrically we are left to pick up the pieces, step back, and fully see the bittersweet moments come together. Through the second chorus and bridge, angel-like harmonies are heard behind Josephine, adding to the faint dreamlike landscape, a dream quickly washing away, as we're left with only sorrow at its disappearance. Simple and pensive, “Blue” is beautifully crafted, soul-baring, and appreciatively authentic.

Anna Josephine is a pop-folk singer and songwriter known for her unique lyricism and indie sound. Josephine's past singles showcase her talent in story writing through folky tunes such as “Sweeter Than Reality” and “Lovesick Lullaby.” The Brooklyn-based singer hits on realistic themes of heartache, love, and finding oneself. Through her music, Josephine has proven to be honest and sincere with her lyrics and her music always shines through with her originality. Labeling her new music season as her “Blue Period,” listeners are given a taste of her poignant poetry and melodic voice as we are left craving for more. “Blue” sits with a quiet magnitude, and I eagerly await what else Josephine will pull from her pockets. Check out her single "Blue" below!

Written By Mia Chavez


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