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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Bored" - Laken Lambson

With her first single in two years, Laken Lambson creates a song around the feeling of the world moving so fast around you. In "Bored," Lambson discusses this feeling of fear by questioning if she's being stagnant, "I live in fear // of standing still // that I can't do // what I said I will." It's this fear that motivates us to continue working on things important to us, but as we do this it feels like the world around us is moving so fast we cannot cope with how we are feeling. We ask ourselves the question, are we wasting our time?

The song is a moody alt-pop track with very drum pad heavy production. The track opens with an almost droning like synth that reintroduces itself in the chorus. The lyrics are brutally honest about this fear of wasting time, "So afraid to waste my life // that I do it in the meantime // and when everybody's sleeping I stay up all night just to stare at the ceiling." Lambson mourns the loss of boredom, as she's constantly working to make sure she's not wasting time. Lambson also discusses the idea of putting faith in someone to help make her plans a reality, "The map's in your hands // It's not healthy // Can't rely on myself // To make my dreams come true." It's a fear of trust when you physically cannot do it all, you feel a loss of power over your own destiny.

Laken Lambson is an Utah based alt-pop artist. "Bored" is her first single of 2022, and is the first release since "Game" in 2020. Lambson has reinvented herself from the days of recording in her bedroom, and working with producer Nate Pyfer. Lambson's lyricism is beautifully poetic and raw, discussing issues from deep inside of the human psyche. With a voice that feels effortless, she almost croons over her production. Lambson is one to watch out for.

Written By Kyle Stiver

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