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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Boy Don't Cry" - Pablo Brooks

This pride month has taken a far more reflective tone than prior years in recent history. While celebration, joy, and remembrance remain at the month's core, there's been a sense of social reckoning in the air. The latest single from Pablo Brooks, "Boy Don't Cry," delivers a pertinently pointed statement through ear-worm melody and alt-pop grit. A subtle-yet-groovy bassline slithers through the verses, like a lit fuse, leading into an explosively catchy chorus. The guitar-driven pulse of the track makes the most out of contrast and impact, landing knock-out blows with each bar. Brooks' vocals are solid-bodied and slick, sliding over notes with hints of spite and abandon. He spits the titular phrase with both a sarcastic smirk and bitter frustration.

"Boys Don't Cry" takes place in the aftermath of a toxic relationship. Brooks opens up about the role toxic masculinity plays in its collapse ("Don't say you've done nothing wrong,") and in healing from it. "Save me from the things I want," the indie pop artist begs on the sparkling bridge, "I love what leaves me crying on my own." The vulnerability in his self-revelations bring dimension to the chorus. Brooks ignites each word: "boy, don't cry," but it feels directed both at the toxic ex as well as himself. He recognizes the toxicity of the sentiment, while expressing how it influences his coping process. The nuance transcends the confines of middle-finger anthems and confessional laments; Pablo Brooks engages with relationship dynamics, yes, but more fundamentally "Boys Don't Cry" expresses the struggle to be supportive to himself.

The past two years have seen German popster Pablo Brooks' touring and playing over 50 shows with his band. Headlining all over Germany, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, etc., the young artist has gained a loyal following. "Boy Don't Cry" arrives as the third single towards Brooks second EP, Pleaser. The EP follows his experience moving to Berlin and documents feelings of confusion and disorientation in relationships and within oneself. In 2021, Brooks released his debut EP, Not Like The Movies, featuring six tracks that have accumulated over 2.5 million streams on Spotify at the time of this review. "Boy Don't Cry" also released alongside an excellently shot music video.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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