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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "boy with a view" - PENNY X

PENNY X’s new single “boy with a view” details the story of her new relationship that is shrouded in confusion and uncertainty. She begins by telling us how it started “I wasn’t looking for love when/the leaves started falling/But your 2 room apartment/felt like a home/Drunk in your kitchen/I’m locked on your lips” setting the tone of the song as romantic, and describing a scene that sounds like it’s taken straight out of a romcom. However, we find out that it’s not quite as perfect as we initially thought. It’s clear that PENNY X has fallen for him, however she can’t pinpoint how he feels. Is he taking the relationship as seriously as she is? Is he ready for more? These are questions that go unanswered through the song. The problem becomes clear in the chorus when she says “Boy with a view/if only you knew/that you look so pretty/lying on top of me/but you’re acting cool/playing by your rules” and she calls him out for being a “fool” for not making up his mind and expressing how he feels directly.

The track is a dreamy six-eight ballad rooted in country, but with a pop sound that allows it to take on a unique identity, not allowing itself to be boxed into a singular genre. With soft piano and guitar accompanying her buttery, silky vocals, the song feels like a daydream, as if we were floating in her thoughts alongside her. The production and the simplicity and raw honesty of the lyrics really reminded me of Kacey Musgraves, but with more of a pop sound. I loved the falsetto she uses on the line “I’m right in front of you” in the chorus. The background vocals also add to the sense of dreaminess created in the song, and the guitar solo towards the end is not overpowering but helps capture the emotionality of the song. The dreamlike state of the song that sounds romantic upon first listening to it and then reveals itself to be much more bittersweet parallels the relationship; a romantic fantasy that is dampened by the confusion of her lover.

PENNY X is a Berlin based artist in the alt-pop scene. As of now, she has 16, 501 Spotify listeners. She's released her first music video "back to your dad's" on YouTube. Her musical tastes, shaped by the eclectic sounds of the radio and a teenage fascination with country music, bear the indelible imprint of artists like Taylor Swift. Her country roots really shine in “boy with a view” and is reminiscent of talents like Sierra Ferrell and Kacey Musgraves, as well as more pop leaning artists like Sasha Sloan. This influence can still be heard in their heartfelt songwriting, which resonates with authenticity and emotion.

Written By Rachael Bach



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