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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Breakfast On The Roof" - Ellie Evans

Many of us are thrown into the endless rabbit hole of adulthood. And, similar to any mysterious hole in the ground, twisting and ever-changing obstacles can echo a harsh reality (one that never matches the actual dream). Ellie Evans’ Alice in Wonderland inspired track “Breakfast On The Roof” describes a young person’s voyage into adulthood, one marked by confusion and restlessness, yet exudes a freedom from accepting one’s youth and traversing the unknown. Using the idea of Wonderland to develop her message, Ellie compares ‘life’ to the stories we often tell ourselves, one of picture-perfect love when, in reality, going on “dates with your best friend” can be just as fulfilling. She captures the universal ache many in their twenties feel, fighting against the clock, running forward yet tripping over your own feet, likening the experience to being “caught between the pages”—a clever metaphor for how we all seem to stumble through writing our own, personal story.

Beginning with ghostly “ooohs” and snappy, bedroom-pop production, Ellie’s vocals remind me of Holly Humberstone, containing the same grit and power, yet with a more optimistic, carefree quality. The song made me picture a Hollywood production set (one with fancy props, well-known directors, people dressed fantastically) about to begin a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Then, just as the shoot begins, Ellie, dressed in her floral pajamas, wanders across the set (a vibe I might add), serving as a great contrast for how early-adulthood can feel just like a production, one where most people can’t help but feel out of place. This song expresses this further through lyrics like “hanging up road signs in the kitchen” and “wine on Monday morning”, getting to the crux of how feeling lost can be freeing but also terrifying. I appreciate her subtle word-play, comparing a night out to having no way out, bringing me back to the lyric in Sweetheart, “he likes me in red, now he leaves me on read”—an interesting yet creative signature throughout her songs.

British-born, the singer, songwriter made her music debut with the track “See You in June” (2021), featuring stripped-back vocals and lyrics of isolation and longing. Her recent single “Sweetheart” (2022), recounts a heartbreak that left her confused and questioning reality, with haunting melodies and quite unique, yet painfully effective, note choices. The song earned a spot on the drama show Love Island and began solidifying her sound, balancing dreamscape and concrete, playful yet deep, direct but metaphorical. Having amassed 84K monthly listeners on Spotify, her music has an unfiltered, carefree quality about it, reflecting her fun-loving personality—one that has spawned endless TikTok content, from sitting in a bathtub full of colored cheerios to eating the classic, breakfast cereal in a bowl of CocaCola (curious if she resents Cheerios now). Although she’s only started, I am excited to see how her music develops, seeing that there’s endless potential with her powerful voice and emotive lyrics!

Written by: Conner Pettit



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