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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Breathe Out" - SATRE

SATRE's new single, "Breathe Out" is a powerful indie-folk ballad that tells the story of the slow decay of a once great relationship. It's the tragic lament of someone watching someone they love deteriorate from substance abuse and their journey to finally letting them go. We never hope to experience this scenario, but for those of us who have, it's an uphill battle. The stress from constantly worrying about someone puts a lot more strain on the body and mind than you might imagine. And deciding to leave can be even harder. "Breathe Out" brings to light the internal struggles of a dark situation that aren't always visible on the surface.

Musically, "Breathe Out" is an airy, reflective, minimalist instrumental wrapped up neatly beneath SATRE's strong, gravelly vocals. It's a vulnerable sound that brings the deepest emotion to the foreground. The song begins with the natural voice of acoustic guitar and just the right amount of reverb. It builds slowly, adding ghostly background vocals and somber piano. Midway through the song, we're hit with uplifting pop-style drums, a gentle reminder to listeners that there is still hope yet. The vocals in the bridge and onward feel so luscious and real as SATRE rounds out the track with one last emotional chorus. I really like this song, because it brings strength and encouragement not only lyrically, but musically, for those who might be in a dark place.

SATRE is a Swedish folk-pop singer-songwriter. His career began in 2018 with the decision to move to London, UK where he would become a full-time musician. While in London, he became a street performer, building a following and making a name for himself in the British music scene. With inspiration from artists like Bon Iver and The Lumineers, it's not hard to see why SATRE's talent caught the attention of those around him. He describes, "Breathe Out" as a song he's had with him for a long time. It's been compared to music by Hozier and David Kushner, and with its powerful presence, it's easy to see why. SATRE is certainly a name to watch, as his heartfelt musical style could easily take the world by storm. You can hear, "Breathe Out", now on all major streaming platforms.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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