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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Breathlessly" - Lovetape

“Silver lining, always had perfect timing.” Lovetape begins giving detail to the love they’ve found, their ability to count on it, even in times of hardships. The music captivates within the first few chords. The chorus leaves you breathless as you take in this song, layered with palpable love. Speaking on the meaning behind the song, Lovetape states “Sometimes I think of it like a straightforward love song and sometimes it strikes me in a more inspirational, almost spiritual way.” These words resonate with me, as I feel that the song can have several meanings associated to it. There is, of course, the obvious love song to a current partner, it could also be an ode to a past love and their once electrifying effect on the band, a longing for a love like the one described, and the spiritual one spoken about by Lovetape. A spiritual journey is commandeered by someone – a deity, a person held in high regard,“rules”, the one on the journey seeks something to guide them, perhaps the silver lining spoken about in the beginning of the song, an anchor of sorts.

“Breathlessly, I’ll follow you into the center of the night.” Lovetape shows the true meaning of their band name with these lyrics, love being the obvious and the tape in this instance being the trust they have in their love to follow them. “When I hear that sound, suddenly I’m found.” This line certainly gives leeway to the spiritual aspect spoken about earlier. The symbolism of being lost and found. The saxophone solo felt much needed and epic, a proper throwback to the good ole days of love songs. The drum’s timing seems to be that of a heart beating. The culmination of the instruments, the lyrics, the melody, and the vocals land this song at the top of the certified bop list. You’re immersed and enraptured for 3 minutes and 27 seconds as the song cascades through your psyche and sticks to your brain with that unforgettable melody. The lyrics continue peppering over the instruments as they have for the last 3 minutes and 10 odd seconds, but then, we get even more saxophone action. It’s truly the icing on top of a quite delicious musical cake. “Breathlessly” is masterfully crafted and deserves all recognition possible.

Lovetape is a relatively new band on the music scene, consisting of two members- brothers George and Samuel Stanford. They released their first official single “Heartglow” in December of last year. Lovetape describes themselves as being “connected by a musical force and love for each other." Though Lovetape itself is new to the scene, the brothers are no strangers to the industry with George being a producer for many acts and even releasing his own independent music as well, and Sam often aiding George in his musical ventures. Currently, they have amassed nearly 5,000 followers on Facebook, 559 followers on Instagram, have nearly 2,500 monthly listeners on Spotify and have 13 subscribers on YouTube. So far, Lovetape has released two songs and as a new fan myself, I am hoping for many more! You can listen to “Breathlessly” as well as “Heartglow” and keep up with all things Lovetape at the links below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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