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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Butterflies" - Kelia

Have you ever liked someone so much it made you feel sick to your stomach? Your feelings for them are so overwhelming that your body can't handle it? "butterflies" by Kelia describes this exact feeling of being so into someone that they give you, well, butterflies! That fluttering feeling in your core is usually a sign that you've got it bad for someone. Just looking in their eyes can take your breath away, let alone when they touch you. You experience "fireworks in your chest" when you're around them and it's unlike anything you've ever felt before. The love feels brand new and fun. The best part about it is when you have the satisfaction of knowing that they feel the same as you do, and you in fact give them butterflies too.

With a soft and classic RnB feel to the instrumentation, Kelia takes us on a euphoric journey through what it's like to be in love. There's a bit of funk to the bass and beat that gives it the perfect amount of energy for this type of song. Her bright yet soulful vocals are the guide of impactful lyrics that will leave you yearning for the kind of love that is being described. The melody has a vibe that is a mixture of contemporary RnB and pop, with just enough harmonies to give the song it's euphoric feeling. My personal favorite moment of the song is the rhythmic and cheerful pre-chorus.

Kelia is a pop/contemporary RnB singer-songwriter based in Seattle, Washington. Creating music since the age of 12 years old, Kelia has been an artist for 10 years but officially released her first studio single, Too Bad To Be Sad, in the year 2018 after partnering up with Tacoma Records (QRS) in 2017. Since then, she has released 7 more songs including Butterflies. Her favorite artists and inspirations include Childish Gambino and Leven Kali. Her music is written directly from her life experiences and is a sound that can be described as real and raw. Make sure to follow Kelia below to keep up with her amazing growth as an artist.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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