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  • Destiny Rundquist

Review: "C'est La Vie" - Lucky Lou

Lucky Lou, C'est La Vie Promo

Lucky Lou presents us with a powerful yet playful song that grabs our attention right off the bat. When the music starts, there is an automatic need to move your head to the beat, then the lyrics come in and it brings us back to reality. The reality being the powerful message the artist is conveying through the simple, witty lyrics. "You will go flying / Out on your own / Find a new person / Build a new home / I'll find a reason to go on / That's not you." As the listener we can gather that the process the artist is going through is bittersweet. We can tangibly feel the need to find a reason to go on. As humans we understand that in order to move on, it can mean that we have to let go. That's the beauty of life, and we get to see more of that within the chorus when it says "C'est La Vie / Dream of me / Say goodbye / Before you leave / It was fun being someone to you." At the end of the day while it's not always what we want, saying goodbye can be necessary but it's important to remember it does get better, and there is still life to be lived.

The song gives off a rather upbeat and cheery tone. It's the kind of music that makes you want to dance in your living room at midnight. There is a mix of electronic rhythms, upbeat tempos, and a bit of a nostalgic synthpop feel. The artist's voice is smooth, sharp, and strong when singing the lyrics, this helps us understand the depths of the song, it keeps us engaged and entertained. All of these elements work together to present a strong, accepting mood. There is strength and power behind the music and lyrics. The artist is using all the strength they have to accept and push forward.

Lucky Lou doesn't think of music as just a profession but also a passion and a channel for self-expression. In an interview she stated, "Music is a state of mind where I find stillness and freedom to express myself." Before becoming a solo artist she collaborated with many other artists, some of them being Benjamin Ingrosso, NOTD, David Guetta, and Zara Larsson. When asked about C'est La Vie, she said "C'est La Vie is about being left by someone you thought you would spend your life with, the sorrow of being involuntarily alone, and accepting a definitive end to something you didn't want to be without." Lucky Lou shares that experience with us and what an experience it is.

Written By Destiny Rundquist

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