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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Care Less" - Davvn

The pop-punk revival is the best thing that has happened to music in a long time. The attitude of early 2000s pop punk has been sorely missed and many musicians are taking a stab at resurrecting it. The genre awakens a sense of rebellion and self-confidence in everyone who listens to it. Davvn is adding their hat to the ring with fun riffs and a carefree attitude on their new track Care Less. The track is a passive-aggressive anthem for those of us who happen to fall into the trap of pleasing people. Care Less puts the power back in the hands of the people pleasers. It's a track for anyone who is tired of being a doormat for their entitled friends and family and wants to stand up and fight back a bit.

It’s not your everyday pop-punk track. Davvn brings creativity to this track that only Singer McCall and Guitarist Mike can do. McCall does not play around with the vocal performance on this track. The clarity and raw energy push the passive aggressiveness to the front of the track. The rawness gives the track a relatable edge that is needed for the genre. When it comes to instrumental there's nothing more engaging than the sheer talent Mike exudes on the guitar. The riffs are immaculate and blend perfectly with the powerful vocals of McCall. The two work extremely well together and crafted this track to showcase this. Each section of the songs provides another layer of the genre, from emo to skate rock it's all there adding to the soundscape and living in harmony.

Davvn is a Nashville-based duo inspired by the dawn. Their mission is to evoke similar emotions of pulling an all-nighter and watching a new day begin. Each track has this emotional backdrop. The two bonded over their love for 2000s pop punk and decided they'd incorporate this admiration into their music. The way the duo uses 2000s pop punk to blend with other genres adds to the emotive experience they build with each track. The duo has been getting noticed for their unique song structures and incredible musical ability. Both McCall and Mike are incredibly talented and are receiving the flowers they deserve for their music.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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