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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Cascade" - Anna Harrell

Cascade by Anna Harrell cover art

“Cascade” is Anna Harrell’s newest release, but it has the cadence of a past emotion.  The piece presents a metaphorical expression of, and an opportunity to, cascade. To fall into that slippery slope of nostalgia. As Anna walks the listener through her daily life it's clear something more looks in the distance, and the trigger for bringing it forward is a simple reminder of when this person was her daily life. A picture creates a waterfall which only for a moment, Harrell flows with. “Cascade” not only lyrically examines the emotion behind such a thing, but gives into the relief of it and gifts the listener a chance to as well. 

Harrell’s lyrics are genuine and expressive, but the structure and skill of her composing created the atmosphere necessary for them to be truly heard. Her instrumentals introduce the song with a catchy, but purposefully repetitive sound. Though it's still skillful, this compared to the release of the “cascade” is definitely intentional. The acoustic guitar presents a sort of build up to the underlying temptation of reminiscence. And the chorus does even more so to bring this out. Her vocals are what ties it all together, they follow the theme of the instrumentals but the honesty of the lyrics and do both beautifully.

Anna Harrell is only 18 years old but has been making music for nearly a decade. At only nine years old she knew songwriting evoked a passion that couldn't be found elsewhere. Her love for the art, its impact on her and the world, is palpable through the work she creates. Her songs, emotive and honest, are a sort of journal.  They present a method of summarizing the world, making sense of it in a way which only words cannot.  This is felt by Harrell as well as her audience. The artist has come back strong from her recent break with “Cascade” and is continuing those powerful themes felt previously, this and other Anna Harrell works can be found below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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