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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Choke" - HALLIE

Seeing an ex “dating around“ can be gut wrenching, the type of all-consuming rage that makes your throat close. HALLIE’s new single, “Choke”, delivers a powerful ode to someone special, professing her commitment and love for this person. Featuring an electronic spin to a classic-sounding pop song, she says “I’ll drink it down until it makes me sick” and “I’d rather choke than find you out with somebody new”, summarizing her strong loyalty for this relationship. I think many can relate to putting faith in someone, and the song helps highlight how, in return, it’s natural to crave devotion back.

Beginning with retro-sounding piano, fast guitar plucking, and higher vocal ad libs, there’s a captivating yet familiar quality to the music. Reminiscent of budding teenage romance (similar to Camp Rock), there’s an immediate energetic and youthful tone that keeps you invested in the storyline. Hallie transitions into her falsetto with the line “Maybe I lost my mind”, giving a sense of longing and contemplation that underscores the whole track. The song’s main hook introduces digitally-toned vocals, helping to distinguish the section and, in my personal opinion, making the Chorus even catchier. I really appreciate the creativity and detail given to the main break, featuring cool, punk guitar solos, vocal lines that jump in and out, hard drum slaps, and my favorite, the inhale and cough accents. It’s difficult pinpointing exactly why but the song’s brightness, crafty melody, and electronic elements keep you anticipating—setting it apart from other punk music I’ve heard!

Songwriter, producer, and all-around musician, HALLIE, released her first EP “Hallie: Born For This” in 2022, etsablishing herself within the punk-rock music scene, cranking out modern anthems of self-confidence and personal power. Using grungey, punk-rock production combined with refreshing elements of pop and electronic music, it’s no shock her music has reached thousands of listeners on Spotify and has been featured on the well-known reality shows, Queer Eye and Love Island. From the ghostly “Fangs” to the groovy “Supernatural”, her music captures subtle religious themes, combining an early 2010s energy of Avril Lavigne with the heavy, experimental energy of artists, like Ruelle. I appreciate that she’s unafraid to own her power, something I’m certain will help people own theirs! This morning, I was listening to her song “Born Like This” on my drive to work and immediately felt more motivated. Can’t wait to hear more music from her!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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