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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Chopstix" - Caroline Romano

Infatuation burns like a fire--hot and fast. But just like fire, it can leave you a burning mess when the heartbreak of being infatuated with someone comes into play. Caroline Romano gives her listeners a bliss-filled indie-pop track about this type of interest but from the perspective of anticipating creating these beautiful memories that you'll fondly look back on even once it's over. With "Chopstix" her newest track, she transports us to a vibe of childhood youth-- like with the endless enjoyment in the simplest summer activities, imagining a clean, refreshing feeling of being on the beach with the potential anticipation of a bonfire.

It's detailed, intimate, and passionate. With her undeniably sincere voice and gentle melody guiding us into a memory, we can only find the feeling of summery love. She paints pictures with her lyrics, saying things like "castles on the beach, freckles on your cheeks", the imagery imbued with fond memories of a good time. Yet we can see as she continues to talk about how this is more of an infatuation than true love, understanding how it will come with a heartbreak stating, "and I'll watch you play guitar while you break my heart". But even with the heartbreak, there's always something that drags us into the infatuation--and maybe that's enough to deem the hurt worth it because "isn't this fun?"

Caroline Romano has garnered millions of streams with her witty and introspective music. The talented singer/songwriter has a hopeful outlook on the modern world and romance-- showing off the best and worst parts of being young with her music. The Nashville-based artist returns with this track, "Chopstix" and shows us why she deserves the attention she's been given. Earlier this year, Caroline Romano released her debut album titled "Oddities and Prodigies" which captured the hearts of fans and gave us reasons to stay for more stunning music. This newest release, "Chopstix" is just one of the many songs the artist has released this year, and with the way she's enamored people, we hope there are many more to come.

Written by Jane Katryn



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