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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Circumstances" - Drew Schueler x Vaance

Many artists have something to say--it's why they make music, to share these emotions and memories with others in hopes that they relate or feel something because of it. Art is meant to make us feel. So, with this new track titled "Circumstances" Drew Schueler and dance-pop artist Vaance bring us the emotions we only see in movies. The trope of two star-crossed lovers takes the stage in this track, two people unable to be together, their hands tied by the circumstances the world gives them and still desperately wanting each other-- knowing if the time and situation were right, they would have been everything.

"Circumstances" is a musically dynamic track with vibrant vocals, electro-pop sound, and an upbeat feeling. It's passionate. Even from the first note, you'll feel it's bringing up a memory you never knew you had. With this plotline of a love that could have been, we're instantly pushed into the encompassing melody, feeling as if we're being dragged along with the waves of it, victim to its unpredictable and exciting movements. "I know we could have gotten it right" he sings, and with it, we can see he knew they were perfect for each and how he wished they could have gotten one more chance to make it happen.

Drew Schueler is a new pop artist with a determined perspective and a talented mind. He's intricately woven into every aspect of creating music, creating his entire debut EP, titled "New Perspective" from the instruments, lyrics, producing, and mixing. He's currently working out of his studio in Nashville, continuing to grow as a dynamic artist. Also, in this track, we have Vaance, the recording alias for Eli Catania, who covers a range of sounds with his producing and making a name for himself in the dance music genre. He began his official career in 2013 by meshing his experience with live instruments and sound design knowledge and currently works out of Cincinnati.

Written by Jane Katryn




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