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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Clean Cut" - BIZZY

Let's face it. Love is freakin' tough, and probably one of the most difficult feelings to deal with. One minute you think someone is the love of your life, and the next they're breaking your heart. When you're really deeply in love with someone, it can be really hard to let them go even when you know it's time to. Those first few weeks, or sometimes months, being without that person who used to bring you happiness and comfort are the hardest. How do you go from talking to someone everyday, to never talking to them ever again? You have to keep yourself away from your phone before you mess up and regretfully text them. Staying strong and distracting yourself is the only option you have. "Clean Cut" by BIZZY is the ultimate sad-girl anthem for all of us who have been hurt by someone we once trusted and called our best friend.

Written with her friends, Jules and Chey, on a rainy day in their living room, BIZZY said "let's make the most relatable and sad break up song ever". Not literally, but that's what I imagine she said. Lined with soft finger-plucked strings on guitar throughout song, the song builds until you can't help but scream the lyrics along with BIZZY's raw and emotional vocals. I've always said you know it's a good song when you feel like the song was written for you, and that's exactly what 'Clean Cut' does. The poetic, vulnerable and relatable lyrics are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. This will become your go-to song to put on repeat when you need a good cry, or you need reminded not to call the person who made you sad in the first place.

BIZZY is a singer-songwriter from Maryland who is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by incredible talents like Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, she has created an intimate and raw indie-pop sound that she can call her own. In 2022, BIZZY kickstarted her career when she posted herself singing her original song, 'Anybody', on TikTok which got over 10 million views. She ultimately decided to officially release the song as her official debut. After continuing to release new songs, BIZZY has now played her first ever headline show and plans to take her live performances all the way to London in the next month!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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