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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Clean" - Jessie Chambers

Jessie Chambers’ latest release “Clean,” part of her newly released project “songs for an identity crisis,” is an homage to the aftermath of an anxiety attack, the wave of calm after that moment when you’re sitting by yourself, wondering if you’ll ever be free of these times. Being such a vulnerable subject, Chambers manages to handle the topic with care, delving deep into the feeling of being trapped in anxiety, never feeling clean of its grip. The lyrics are evocative and compellingly relatable, and, coupled with a dreamy beat, “Clean” is that special brand of personal and raw that makes you feel for those who have to suffer through those terrible attacks– and, if you’re someone who has to muscle through them, you’ll be comforted by such a true account.

“Clean” begins with a static buzz and a big “yuck!” which is honestly the best way to start a song about sudden, stricken anxiety. I love the instrumentals here– with a constant, climbing synth, it feels almost poetic as it slowly inches throughout each verse until it falls flat at the chorus’ end with Chambers singing, “Will I ever feel clean?” It’s simple and sparse, but it adds so much to the song’s message; the song does an excellent job of emulating the feeling of being overwhelmed. With overlaid vocals and that consistent beat hanging in the background, it simulates that moment before everything comes crashing down, and, as the song slowly winds down and ends, with Chambers’ breathy “ah”s, you’ll be reminded of times when your emotions finally dwindle down and you’re left feeling spent and empty. I love the language that Chambers has used throughout “Clean,” too; the instrumentals definitely create a soundscape that recounts the come down from an anxiety attack, but all the lyrics about feeling unclean and needing to jump into a pool of water really hammer home just how rough those times are. Chambers has done an excellent job in weaving these themes throughout the entire song, creating not just a musical experience, but a simulated moment in time.

Hailing from Hollywood, FL, indie-pop singer-songwriter Jessie Chambers is making waves in the indie scene with her honest songwriting and hooky beats. Since her debut in collaboration with Nurko and Last Heroes’ hit 2018 single “Promise Me,” Chambers has garnered over 700,000 plays on Spotify with her standout 2020 single “Guess U Suck” and was featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds Pop” editorial playlist with her 2021 single “Fever Dream.” She dropped her debut EP "Emerald Hills" in 2022, named after her neighborhood, and extended her musical reach. Her latest release is "song for an identity crisis," of which "Clean" is part of, which tackle the unerringly uncomfortable truths that come with growing up. I'm sure everyone can find something to relate to in "Clean" and can be comforted by the fact that you're not alone in those feelings.

Written By Alexa Leung



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