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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Clever (ft. Faith Angeles)" - Indigo Hush

Oftentimes, the most fleeting moments can feel just as significant. Indigo Hush’s new single “Clever ft. Faith Angeles”, discusses this concept—living in the moment, yet ignoring harsh truths about the future. He says “it’s too late for now for things to get better”, referring to how, once contaminated, certain relationships become unmendable. People can likely relate to this unsettling feeling: “making” something work whilst knowing, deep down, it never will. Shrouded in a classically indie, summer-car-anthem, the song communicates how letting go can be just as hard, or even more difficult, than holding on.

Using natural-sounding drums and strong vocal delivery, the song begins with a repeated hook and high energy rock-guitar strumming. During verse one and verse two, the production strips back, highlighting punchy bass and nice vocal accents (e.g. metallic echo on “hollow”). Weaving in between the hook and verses, the entire track reminds me of a basement concert, appreciating how seamlessly their voices blend together. Near the song’s conclusion, filtered vocal ad libs provide a nice, added layer to the song, ending with Hush’s signature experimental sounds, similar to radio static.

All-around musician and producer, Indigo Hush, released his first single “Drugs Are for the Weekend”, featuring psychedelic instrumentation and 70s-inspired vocals. Currently signed to Transient Wolf Records, he released his debut EP “Creature Spell” in 2020, featuring alien-like accents and exploratory soundscapes. Everything from western-sounding guitar to carnival-like piano, his technicolor and whimsical production catapults the listener into a different mental space, appreciating how his music (e.g. “Run its Course”) includes dreamy, industrial elements along with Labyrinth-inspired echoes. His unique sound balances trippy electronic music with mainstream indie—clearly seeing him carving out a cool yet needed niche in today’s music!

Written By: Conner Pettit




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