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Review: "Closer" - Ryan Doyle

Over previous decades, music has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon of wonders. Many different genres are born each year. Hip-hop, rock, metal, gospel, R&B, and many other amazing genres. What's even more fascinating about the art of music is the ability to mix many of these genres and create a new genre. Ryan Doyle achieves that well in his new hit single, "Closer." This catchy, energetic Lo-fi, electronic pop song leaves you bobbing your head to the rhythm with its clever utilization of different mixing techniques such as panning and reverb. The song can be interpreted as him wanting to spend more time with his loved ones and telling them to come closer to him. This song is pulling us closer, and we won’t be planning on leaving!

This song's soundscape and dance production have a ton of love and creativity flowing throughout. You can hear the utilization of different mixing techniques from start to finish. The panning in the bridge gives the illusion that your mind is swaying back and forth inside your head. The lo-fi beats give it a kind of bubbly vibe that is light and smooth. Subtle hints of reverb help enhance the vocals, giving them a dreamy essence that really compliments the vocals. It is without a doubt that the time, love, and care that went into this song are evident from start to finish.

Ryan Doyle, a producer, songwriter, and artist based in London, started by working from home. He built a large and devoted fanbase by sharing remixes online, and they encouraged him to come out with his music, which he eventually did. With his brand-new song "Closer," Doyle gives us a fresh perspective on dance and electronic music. There is a video that goes along with it that is certain to make an impression. He says of the single: "From the moment I wrote "Closer," it felt like a special song, but it took a lot of work to perfect it after the initial demo! It's my favorite song released so far, and I can't wait for people to hear it. It took three vocalists and two completely distinct productions. I highly recommend any new listeners come to check out the list's new song!

Written By ShatteredSoul



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