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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Cool Girl" - SKIA

“When I was younger I thought it was fun/ To keep shifting my shape like a chameleon”. SKIA’s latest single deconstructs the problems so many people face in today’s society. With harsh standards for how we should act, dress and look like, it’s hard to be true to yourself. “Cool Girl” is about feeling like you have to change everything about yourself in order to fit in and be cool. SKIA masterfully addresses this problem by leaving commentary on how impactful these social standards can be in someone’s life. Ultimately this hit is about reminding listeners that they should love themselves and stay true to who they are.

“Cool Girl” follows common pop trends by using synths and pulsing beats to create a bass line. I think what makes this single stand out is the fact that SKIA jumps around in her vocal range quite a bit. One second, she’s in the high register and then the very next word and note she sings are the opposite. Not only as SKIA proven her expertise in her singing abilities, but she has also created relatable lyrics with meaning to her song, which is more than some other pop artists have to say for themselves. My favorite lyrics were, “I’ve tried so damn hard to fit in/ Copied all the right moves…”. I think many fans can understand the pain SKIA describes here. So many people spend countless hours overthinking what they should say and do in order to be accepted by others in society. In truth, it’s exhausting. SKIA shows the relatability of trying so hard only to feel hopeless and frustrated by not being accepted. She goes even deeper by showing how in the end, this anxiety and these fears don’t matter in life. Even if you’re going in the direction that no one else is headed, trust your gut feeling and keep on doing you.

SKIA is a Liverpool-based up-and-coming-artist who has been releasing music since 2019. One thing you can always count on SKIA to do, is tell the truth about what she’s feeling and going through. Her music reflects the issues that she faces and in turn makes her songs relatable for a wide range of fans. With contemporary production and mixing vocal layering, SKIA produces her own unique pop sound. If you like a mix of artists like Billie Eilish, Paramore and Beyonce, you’ll fit right in as a listener of SKIA. Keep a look out for more great hits!

Written By Emily Hancock



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