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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Crash" - Cristina Hart

In her latest single, "Crash," Cristina Hart has hit rock bottom and is assessing the support group around her. While her first thought is to communicate openly with close friends, she fears being bothersome. Perhaps this assumption comes from reaching out for their support plenty of times before. However, having one person in mind she expected to help keep her from reaching a low point, Hart is disappointed to realize that person is useless. Understanding the reality of this situation becomes difficult for her to process. And as a result, Hart finds methods of numbing the pain as much as possible. Expected to appear in her upcoming project, Online Therapy, "Crash" is an honest and vulnerable conversation that may be the first step to proper healing.

"Crash" by Cristina Hart is short in length, spanning two minutes and forty-one seconds long. As a reflection of its title, the track begins with the sounds of a car signal before a quick melodic transition into the first verse. Driving the song are electric guitars that pulse and change form from one section to another. However, added to that are gritty, massive-sounding drums that change the song's energy drastically. Despite the presence of the instrumentation, the singer's vocals remain audible and in the forefront. And listening to her for the first time, the accurate pitches, vocal inflections, and pronunciations prove her maturity as a singer and recording artist. Not to mention the concise arrangement, which reflects the effort of the production team to elevate an artist who is already a strong talent.

Cristina Hart is a singer-songwriter based in London, UK. Her musical influences include artists such as Alessia Cara, Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift. Hart began releasing music on streaming services with her debut single, “I’m a Mess,” in 2020, which received recognition on platforms like Capital FM, BBC Intro in Essex, and more. The single later appeared on her project, Sell a Dream, several months after, with three other songs, “Bad Girlfriend,” “Vanilla,” and “Will You.” Within three years, Hart has amassed close to 15,500 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, due in part to the success of her previous single, “Never Be Her,” at 126,465 streams. Despite taking a hiatus after such a milestone, “Crash” is her 2023 reintroduction, with intentions of building hype for her upcoming project, Online Therapy. And considering the transparency of her latest single, Hart is not holding back from sharing her truths with the world through her music.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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