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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Crime" - isha

In "Crime" by isha, isha is in the crumbling stages of her relationship with a romantic partner. After being lied to countless times, she is ready to escape the pain of unreciprocated love. Unfortunately, ending the ties with her soon-to-be ex means damaging back-and-forth conversations. And in defending herself, isha's misrepresented as "the bad guy." Confident she's the victim in the situation, isha uses "Crime" to remind her partner of their faults and to turn the tables back to their original position. But as hopeful as isha was for her relationship, seeing it have to end isn't an easy pill to swallow.

"Crime" by isha is an average-length song spanning three minutes and forty seconds. The production is minimal, supported by piano chords and the occasional appearance of violins and percussion. As simplistic as the production, the song's arrangement doesn't veer far from the basic Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus structure. However, the simplicity of both elements is purposeful in leaving room for isha's vocal abilities to shine. Not to mention lyrics like "Why can't you find your way/Make home to the place you stay/I don't need you lurking all day long," hinting at her songwriting potential. But with "Crime" being her debut single, there's no doubt what isha could become with help shaping her creative direction.

Isha is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Her musical style is a blend of the RnB and Alternative-Pop genres. Over the years, Isha has gained experience in performing live and through videos online of original songs. However, considering music a universal language, isha aims to be vulnerable with her listeners on a larger scale. As a step in that direction, isha released her first single, "Crime," in 2022 on all streaming platforms. And available through her Instagram page, listeners can view isha's process behind the single and its rollout.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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