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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "CRUISE CONTROL" - Stacey Kelleher

This song, “CRUISE CONTROL” by Stacey Kelleher, is an upbeat anthem about feeling stuck after a difficult breakup. Maybe everything feels stagnant, or maybe you just don’t know what direction you want to go toward, the smallest choice can feel so overwhelming after such a dramatic change in your life. As Kelleher puts it, “since I let you go, I can’t get a steady grip on the steering wheel” and “gotta get my life off cruise control.” And this feeling doesn’t just apply to breakups. It’s universal. Feeling lost after a major shift in some area of your life, or even knowing what you want to do but not knowing how to get there. Just know that, even if it takes time, someday soon you’ll learn how to grab the wheel again!

“CRUISE CONTROL” is an energetic pop song that harnesses the electricity of strong instrumentals and strong vocals to produce an endlessly catchy track. Starting off without any hesitation, Kelleher jumps right into the first verse, the beat in the back keeping time and already pushing the tension farther as she guides you into the chorus. The guitar is the star of the chorus, forming the backbone of the engaging melody and staying consistent throughout the rest of the three minutes. The instrumentals only take a backseat again in the bridge, when Kelleher’s vocals are foregrounded again against soft music as a contrast to the full and bright ending. Overall, this song is so fun and upbeat and perfect for screaming along to with your friends. The three minutes go by so fast, you’ll find yourself instantly hitting replay!

Stacey Kelleher is an up and coming musician based in the musical city of Nashville, Tennessee. An accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer, Kelleher’s unique genre-bending, catchy melodies, and detailed lyricism have garnered her an impressive number of listeners that is only going to grow as she releases more amazing music. Her first EP, Songs so Far, was released in 2021, and her second EP, Out of Orbit, was released in 2023. This song, “CRUISE CONTROL,” marks her latest release, and if you like artists like Kacey Musgraves, Lennon Stella, and Phoebe Bridgers, you should definitely use the links below to check out more of her music and follow along as she records and shares more!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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