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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Crying In The Drive-Thru" - Paige Keiner

Heartbreak is never fun, so it’s always interesting when an artist takes an upsetting topic, like a breakup, and turns it into an upbeat pop-rock tune. “Crying In The Drive-Thru” is the latest single by artist, Paige Keiner, and it portrays some of the difficulties of getting over a heartbreak, and how it makes it difficult to go on with your everyday life. The style of the song feels very reminiscent of late 2000s early 2010s pop-rock music. This style portrays how relationships and breakups leave us feeling young and naive. Keiner's use of slightly humorous and dramatic lyrics contributes to these youthful feelings. The song allows us to drown in angst while also singing along to the catchy melody and vivid lyrics.

The song starts off with a simple guitar riff that’s very enticing and persuasive in getting listeners to stay. The lyrics in the beginning are painting how the singer has changed since the relationship took place, and how now they’ve become this little bundle of sadness who is struggling to leave the house and act normal. The percussion in the first verse is somewhat limited, but that leaves room for more of a focus on the vocals and guitar. The pre-chorus is short and simple, but that buildup works well because it works as a nice transition to the chorus. The chorus itself has a very memorable melody that leaves room to do a lot with. The use of the muted guitar during the first part of the chorus serves as a nice transition as well because it makes the explosion at the end of the chorus much more exciting. That explosion at the end is what makes the song feel like a product of that 2000s pop-punk style. From that point on, that song picks up a little bit more and has a more fun with the instrumentals. The second verse and chorus keep than fun style going up until we reach the bridge of the song. That’s when it all slows down again and we hear the use of claps and cheers in the background, and it feels like Keiner is trying to build this sense of community, and how these emotions that come with breakups are very universal. It works very well and makes that final chorus stand out more. The final chorus is very big and does a great job of creating a grand finish for the song. Overall, Keiner does well in creating a fun, yet angsty breakup track.

Paige Keiner is a Nashville-born artist who takes a lot of inspiration for her music style from 2000’s female pop artists. She began releasing music at age 18, and since then has created quite a name for herself, working with well-respected songwriters and touring across the country. She’s also released several singles and EPs, along with her debut album “Throne,” which was released in 2015. While in college, she also played with a punk band as the frontwoman and rhythm guitarist. When it comes to her musical style, she does take a lot of inspiration from artists she grew up listening to, but she also wants to bring something new and experimental to the table. This is why she always tries to have fun with her music. Paige Keiner has stayed very busy and is expected to stay busy releasing more music this year.

Written By Chantal Charles



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