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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Crying Room" - Ocean Tisdall

“Crying Room” channels the emotions of what it’s like growing up in this generation. As a whole, this generation tends to use partying and alcohol as a distraction from the reality of our daily lives. Ocean Tisdall’s latest single focuses in on how sometimes, we allow our emotions to control the outcome of our reality. We can be so involved in what we are feeling and how we’re reacting to our lives, that we miss out on a lot of important memories. This song paints a picture of being “that guy” at a party. So consumed by their emotions that they ignore others and want to escape into their own place of being a mess.

Tisdall’s single reads in a very poetic and passionate combination of classic and alt song writing. Throughout the song, the synths and beats tend to take a place of support rather than being the main focus like you tend to see in more alternative music today. The focus is on the lyrics and the story and the rest of the song is there to just help move it along. It’s a very subtle and relaxed kind of feel at the beginning of the song and then moves into this nice groove of emotion during the chorus. I think the writing for the music is a show of very staple pop elements that make this song an attention grabber.

The Irish singer has broken into the music industry recently in 2021 with his debut single, “Broke Up With My Best Friend”. Receiving strong support and DSP endorsement, Ocean Tisdall has risen to be a popular music icon. Tisdall continues to create music that will be relatable and passionate for his audience, his aspiration is to “make people feel something”. The strong connection with his Gen Z fans and his motivation to create beautiful music, truly makes Tisdall stand out. If you like artists like Conan Gray and Troye Sivan, you'll love Ocean Tisdall. You won’t want to miss any new tunes from Ocean Tisdall, keep an eye out for more new releases!

Written By Emily Hancock



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