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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Cycle" - Gigi Rich

‘Cycle’ by Gigi Rich takes you into a toxic relationship, where there’s indecision about whether to stay or leave. I think what’s so relatable about this song is the repeated attempts to escape harmful patterns, but something keeps holding you back. The other person keeps leading you on, promising not to abandon you again. Or you say, “I deserve better,” but you’re still attached to certain pieces of the person you fell in love with. If you were on the outside, you’d be screaming, “You know this isn’t good for you. LEAVE!” However, it’s more elusive when you’re the one experiencing this conflicted sensation. In Rich’s case, she second-guesses her intuition and thus, she’s “trapped in a cycle” that’s detrimental for her.

The electric guitar-driven melody really highlights Rich’s gorgeously dreamy vocals. Not only do they evoke a sense of longing to be free, but they also express how vulnerable she feels in this position. “When you come back it’s the high that I’ve needed; I’m breathing in all your secondhand smoke...why do I think that this time will be different?” Her eloquence here makes the lyrics even more captivating. I also love the vocal harmonies in this song. Their variations in the chorus and the bridge amplify her emotions surrounding her aching heart. As a result, no stone is left unturned by Rich’s heartfelt and noteworthy performance.

Gianna Salvato’s trailblazing spirit is inspired by acts like Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga. The New Jersey native is known for her sultry voice and fiery lyrics (and hair!). Under the moniker Gigi Rich, she’s centered her focus around authenticity and not being boxed in with a specific area of pop music. Her efforts have landed her placements in the entertainment industry, as well as features in renowned press outlets like American Songwriter and Galore Magazine. What I personally love about Rich is her storytelling. She fully commands the room, and she effortlessly conveys her ideas with such profound emotions. With 'Cycle,’ you’ll surely gravitate toward her, as have I!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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