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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Daughter" - Rachel Grae

There is no bond stronger than that between mother and child. She carried you in the womb for nine long months and has always loved you. Mothers are the backbone of our society; without them, we wouldn't be here. But not all of us have a stable relationship with our mothers. Some of us find ourselves fighting day and night with them. Hearing awful things spewed toward you and saying similar things in retaliation can all be overwhelming. Rachel Graes' track Daughter reflects these feelings. Daughter delves deep into the instability of a mother-daughter relationship and the insecurities that can cause rifts. Having a relationship with your mother can come with serious challenges. But fighting those battles together brings you closer together.

The track is an acoustic ballad featuring rich piano and a powerful orchestral underlayer. The track lends itself to Rachel's voice well. Her vocals are soft and emotional. Her Tones are the driving force behind the epic soundscape and the moody atmosphere. The lyrics mimic a diary entry. Featuring deep insecurities and fears that come from simply being a daughter. The track is emotional and heartwarming. It is meaningful because Rachel features her fan's mothers in the music video. The video flips through clips and images of various mothers and daughters. Showing the collective emotional rollercoaster of loving a mother so deeply.

Rachel Grae is a singer-songwriter from New York. She has always had an intense fascination with music. Starting at a young age she would dissect melodies of popular tracks to find how they tick. This fascination morphed over time into her songwriting expertise. Her abilities stem from this profound knowledge and love for her craft. And she uses her emotions to showcase them so beautifully. Her music is meant to make you feel emotional and gush over whatever feelings you may have. Her goal is to make music that moves people and she is achieving that goal with each track she releases.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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