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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Dead To Me" - Carlina

Carlina DEAD TO ME Cover Art

As a fan of grim imagery and haunting storylines, I was instantly drawn to Carlina’s latest single. “Dead To Me” shares the tragic ending of a relationship— one that ends in death. Metaphorically. The singer’s former partner is still alive in every literal sense of the word but dead in her mind. The tongue-in-cheek track was written from a place of humor, trying to make light of the somber situation. Throughout the song, the lyrics eulogize the subject, symbolizing the death of the muse. Carlina's clever songwriting shines through in every single one of her releases, but "Dead To Me" has earned its spot at the top of my list. She starts the song with lines that realistically would appear in a eulogy: "He had a way with words// Knew how to make you cry// Would always keep close// Knew how to live his life// And every time you saw// The twinkle in his eye// It almost made you fall." But then she transitions into lyrics that expose the toxicity of the person of honor: "Before you realize// The flowers always fade// He was always late// My mama told me babe// Love shouldn’t cause you pain// But we’re all here today// To celebrate." She then proceeds to the infectious chorus where she proclaims the morbid hook: "He is dead to me." Through her authentic songwriting and ingenious storyline, Carlina effortlessly resonates with listeners while expressing her individual experience.

Carlina has a natural talent that leaves her audience in awe of her abilities. From her poetic lyricism to her angelic vocals, the artist is an expert at drawing in fans and keeping them wanting more. "Dead To Me" upholds this tradition by reeling listeners in from the very first note. The song contains the classic R&B-pop blend of the singer, complete with a steady beat and unique synth sounds that effortlessly guide the audience through the song. Furthermore, Carlina's stunning voice mesmerizes listeners, leaving them hanging onto her every word. Throughout the track, the production utilizes multiple techniques to highlight this. From the layered background vocals to the reverb effects, the artist's flawless voice is displayed for the listener's enjoyment. “Dead To Me” is a well-rounded track with unforgettable lyrics and a soothing soundscape, making it one of my favorite tracks of 2024 so far.

Carlina is an extra special artist for me. In the two years since I began writing reviews, the talented singer is the first person that I knew before they made their debut. Carlina and I met while we were teenagers, and it has been an absolute pleasure watching her grow as a person and an artist. In 2019, she released her first single and has continued to stun audiences with her incredible tracks. She made massive waves in 2023 when she released her hit single, “Lucky Girl.” The song quickly went viral, garnering over 20 million streams on Spotify alone and more than 200k video-creates on TikTok. “Dead To Me” is the second release of her new era, preparing her listeners for her highly-anticipated debut project. Follow her on all socials to stay up-to-date with any new announcements and releases!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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