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  • Destiny Rundquist

Review: "Deep Cut" - AVEY

AVEY, Deep Cut, Cover Art

Deep Cut by AVEY brings us the familiar feel of indie and rock all in one. While AVEY brings us upbeat music, we also gain the understanding and acceptance of deep emotions. We first experience these emotions right off the bat when the artist says "Baby's got a deep cut / Make it dance for you / Baby stop keep up / Before it consumes you." We can gather that the artist is referring to the feelings at hand that are taking over their mind and thought process. There's an understanding that the artist is grappling with their thoughts in order to process their intense feelings of grief. Towards the end of the song, the artist says "Screwing my mind straight / Swallowing my mistakes / Been doing my head in / I'm over it / I'm over it." This line ties the song together, making it clear that there is a need to process, and move on.

When you start the song, you're met with upbeat music from the drums, electric guitar, and even the keyboard, which makes the beat sound similar to that of The 1975 or Panic! At The Disco. The mood of the song seems much happier than the topic at hand. While the artist is dealing with heavy emotions, they present them to us using a rather cheery beat. The artist's voice does a fantastic job of tying all of the pieces together with the right pitch. Altogether, the song conveys both grief and how to push through, while also keeping us on our toes and ready to dance.

Before starting her own solo career, Avery O'Brien had great success with her band Harlequin Gold. Once she decided to go solo, she began working on her indie alt project AVEY. End Game is the first single from her five song EP, that was released back in 2022 which helped spark listeners' love for her music. AVEY draws inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, Holly Humberstone, and The 1975. When asked about Deep Cut, AVEY said "Deep Cut was written shortly after my father-in-law passed away. It's about wrestling through the stages of grief like its a person and the battle you fight to pick yourself back up again." AVEY is sure to bring a fresh twist on indie rock, something that'll knock your socks off.

Written By Destiny Rundquist



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