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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Deep End" - CONNR

CONNR Deep End Cover Art.

“Dive into the depths, hold you like my breath.” The imagery created here instantly pulls the listener in and makes them feel as though they’re diving as well. In this case, it’s a voluntary happy fall as CONNR’s latest musical offering appears to be about falling in, you guessed it, love. Ah, the beautiful joy (as well as sheer terror) of realizing that your feelings for someone have blossomed into love. Quite the dive, indeed. With “Deep End”, we get the feeling of impending love, CONNR expresses a helpless fall, one that she has no control over, but that she doesn’t mind not having control over. CONNR trusts this person and doesn’t feel that falling in love with them will be detrimental to her in the slightest, there is a high that comes along with loving them and CONNR is buckling up for the enjoyable descent into the deepest pits of being lovesick.

“I try to let you pass me by, to ignore the reasons why, I want you” Ah, a reflex from past relationships to try and “fight the feeling” that is arising within you. It seems as though CONNR has trained herself to fight romantic feelings and not trust them initially. But, as the song goes on, try as she might, these feelings aren’t going anywhere and this love is inevitable. “Ya got me in the deep end, every moment we spend, I’m sinking into your love.” These lyrics paired with this delicious beat sees the listener dancing along and envisioning a deep love that evokes happiness. CONNR has given us a love song for the summer, to bop along to and, possibly, emulate while searching for our own love. It inspires others to want to be in the “deep end” of the right love pool. “You win, got your lips against my skin and the sunlight seeping in through the window.” These words let us know that CONNR has begun to loosen the reigns, so to speak, and is fully embracing this newfound love. Furthermore, to her delight, all is going well, and she was right to trust this person. The image of sunlight seeping in seems to cast a positive light on this relationship as if to say it is a healthy and happy relationship. “Give me more, got me sinking to the floor, every breath I took before you was shallow.” CONNR is re-thinking her life’s choices, namely relationship choices. CONNR is saying that her current flame burns brighter and better than the others, nothing compares to this love for her, this the ultimate, she’s simply on cloud nine with this person and doesn’t want to come down any time soon. “Levitating, tangled up and feeling weightless.” There isn’t a care in the world when she’s with this person, the words and the way she sings them as if she’s narrating her own life while watching her happiness with this person is the icing on the cake that is this summer love song.This is such a feel-good song and, as we all know, the world could use a large dose of feel-good. Every day. All day. For everyone. At all times. So, having music like this from CONNR is a treat we mustn’t take for granted. The cover art for this single is also worth noting as it depicts CONNR being submerged in the water quite a bit but there’s no hint of fear on her face, in fact, there seems to be a peace. She seems to be at peace with this new interest, hitting all the right notes with the singer.

CONNR’s bio reads - “Pop songwriter girly tryna feel the feels with you.” The singer/songwriter, who began writing songs at 14, is currently based in Alabama. CONNR’s voice is sure to stay within the “Deep End” of everyone who listens to this song’s ears. CONNR’s musical style is described as “electro and dance pop” that puts the listener in “happy energetic” moods. Her online presence is saturated with her music that receives positive feedback from her fans and her giving the fans a glimpse into the process as well as her own life. There are quite a few promotional videos for “Deep End”, helping to spread the message and heighten the impact of this positively plush track. She’s captivating as she divulges the listener with the tale of this unexpected love that has materialized for her and made her all giddy and jolly. She certainly lives up to her bio for me, as I’m not even in a relationship, but this song makes me feel as though I am and having a good time at that! That’s quality music that can make you feel what the artist wants you to feel, you’re not just listening to it, you’re experiencing it. Kudos to everyone involved with this gem. If you’d like to hear more from CONNR, follow her at all socials below and keep an ear out for what’s to come!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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