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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Die a Little Less" - Gwyn Love x La+ch

Mental health isn’t something that can be wiped away by other people. It takes a lot of effort to get to a point where you feel okay sometimes and that's ok. But with a strong support system, they can soften the blow. Having a group of people there for you who only want the best for you can make you feel strong enough to brave the storm. Gwyn Love knows this from experience and wrote Die a Little Less as an ode to those who support them the most. Die a Little Less is for their family and friends who love and support them through the good and the bad. The ones who help them feel a little better about staying alive.

The track opens with a simple bassline and drum kit. Gwyn’s vocals then enter the song with a bit of distortion over them, adding to the gritty pop-punk sound. The lyrics are relatable and detail the pain Gwyn feels and how their support system is helping them live with it. There's a bit of a pop-punk element to the record that is interesting. Considering Gwyn’s past work Die a Little Less has a more edgy, raw vibe to it that is exciting. The vibe change shows immense growth from the artist and how the direction of their music is shifting to fit the growth they experienced. Gwyn’s music has always been fun, mixing a punk attitude with the electropop soundscape is unique but Gwyn does an amazing job integrating these elements. The genre-defying artist worked with composer and producer La+ch for Die a Little Less and what was created was a fun, heartfelt ode to loving family and friends. One I cannot get enough of.

Gwyn Love is an artist who is already known for their bold personality. With a recent move from Oklahoma to Los Angeles under their belt they're ready for anything. They have plans to release tons of new music over the next few months and we can expect to see a lot of their greatness. They may not have plans to switch genres just yet but with a second EP in the works and the masterful use of the pop-punk genre in their arsenal, anything is possible. Gwyn Love is an artist that gets under your skin. You may not know much of their music but before you know it their sound is filling your Spotify playlists. I'm fully here for everything Gwyn Love has made and Die a Little Less is just the beginning.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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