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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Die Without Letting You Know" - Noak Hellsing

Many people yearn for romance but miscalculate how uncomfortable closeness can feel—an endless push and pull. In Noak Hellsing’s new single “Die Without Letting You Know”, he details genuine commitment struggles, describing how his fear blocked a developing relationship. He says “It was always you I’ve been searching for so long” and “I was too scared of getting too close”, a universal yet rarely discussed topic in modern pop. Many can likely relate to dodging vulnerability in order to avoid painful emotions, no matter how small. Thus, the song encourages everyone to express their true feelings, knowing that the truth, even hard truths, can set you free.

Starting with acoustic guitar, Noak’s brightly smooth voice sets the stage for his indie-pop sound, reminding me of artists like Alexander 23 and Jeremy Zucker. As the song flows, the production introduces warmly deep bass guitar and melodic knocks (similar to a marimba), adding to the vintage and heartfelt atmosphere. The song jumps into a vibey chorus, using prominent drums and celestial, almost airy, vocal harmonies, underlining the track with a relaxing quality. The energy continues into the second verse, climaxing at the chorus, using somber piano and psychedelic guitar plucks while Noak’s voice concludes with a sweet sounding, oceanic filter. While listening, I could clearly imagine an evening drive, all windows down, wind blowing, and one hand riding against the wind.

The 20-year-old Swedish singer/musician began playing guitar at an early age, inspired by his family’s musical tastes and leanings. Since then, Noak has quickly amassed 28 million streams (across platforms) all within a four year span, releasing his first single “Lost” in 2019. Writing everything from heartfelt ballads (e.g. “Good Enough”) to the dancey, head-bumpy “Desire” (2021), his music details new relationships, wrought with nuance and insight that‘s often lost upon up-and-coming artists. Currently signed to TEN Music Group, Noak is soon to release his debut EP “YESTERYEAR”, expanding upon his classic indie-pop sound. I am excited to see what he releases next, having already added the song “Die Without Letting You Know” to my playlist!

Written By: Conner Pettit


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