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  • Mia Mangione

Review: "Distant" - Acari

Do you know how people say you can tell if you like a song from the first 7 seconds of listening? This song had me hooked from the first note! The power behind the instrumental completely sets the tone for this heartfelt saga complimented by her silky vocals and harmonies. “Distant” by Acari is a melodious display of intense feelings wrapped in a bow of soul and nuance that perfectly embodies the roots of RNB. “Distant” will have all the lovebirds chanting and grooving for days!

This song commences with a bang, springing into lyrics “Baby when it feels like im acting different, give me your smile, cause I can’t resist it” its a great feeling to have that special person comfort us with the smallest acts of kindness, but when this is not obtainable, We crave the attention to the point of addiction. Acari unveils individuality and personal touch through her accentuation of words and pace, adding perfectly planted intimacy and nuance. The dark yet relaxed instrumental and fluctuating melodies convey an ongoing loop of pain and pleasure that ultimately cause distance in a relationship. Acari’s soft yet distinguishable voice makes this track one to remember.

Acari, originally known as Carina Valdez, is a new and upcoming Filipino solo artist residing in the Bay Area. Before her solo debut as Acari, she was the lead singer in the alternative rock band, “April Chase” where she performed at shows such as Vans Warped Tour. Years after the band ended, Acari made her way back into the music scene by covering popular RNB artists like SYD and Summer Walker on Youtube, showing us her new influences as a solo artist. Acari shares her talent at local venues and released her first ever single, “No rules” earlier this year, receiving laudable reviews. Her solo career has just begun and I see nothing but a promising future ahead of her!

Written By Mia Mangione



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