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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Do You Regret It?" - Cristal B.

The room is littered with balloons and streamers of various colors and sizes, yet I am red from head to toe. Despite the decorations' presence, bombarding me with questions in hushed tones about someone I am no longer with seems to be the party-goers focus. Whereas I was politely nodding and wishing my former flame well, I’m now sucking in as much air as possible to keep my cool so I can give half-hearted responses. Then I’m pushed and abruptly thrown over the edge when a mutual friend dares to state: "You know, you broke their heart". I fully embrace my fall and devour everyone whole with my bottled-up rage, spitting them back out when I finish. Everything and everyone in my sight is now just as red as I was. I would feel remorseful for causing such a scene, but I’m showered in relief instead. 'Do You Regret It?' by Cristal B. has made me realize that healing from my break-up is not for the benefit of others - but for me.

‘Do You Regret It?’ is a piano ballad with soft, melodic vocals that details the events and emotions Cristal experienced after a break-up. The song begins with her singing “I don’t think about you anymore / At least that’s what I tell myself, even though it doesn’t help”; this is the white lie we all tell ourselves after a break-up in hopes of moving on quickly while putting on a brave front for the sake of others. But it never works because healing from a breakup takes time. Unfortunately, this healing process fluctuates, too. Cristal acknowledges this fluctuation with the subsequent lyrics; “I only wish you the best / At least that's what I tell them / When they ask me about you / And I'll keep on lying cause what I think is that you deserve the worst”. After a break-up, we are more than entitled to feel a range of emotions. The biggest of those emotions is anger, and we owe it to ourselves to validate this anger by actually allowing ourselves to express it. If you find yourself struggling with this expression, let the artist help you out and give the song a listen.

Cristal B. spent her childhood in musical and choir performances, consistently showcasing her talents. Eventually she took a cue from her inspiration, Taylor Swift, by learning to play the acoustic guitar amongst other instruments to further her musical plights. During the pandemic, music became an imperative outlet for the Fort Lauderdale-based artist and producer. Her music has allowed her to release songs that explored the mental-emotional side of her own life. With other singles like ‘Bittersweet’, ‘Broken Heroes’, and her debut ‘My Therapist’, Cristal provides listening audiences with raw insight while simultaneously enveloping them in a vital therapeutic encounter. I along with others eagerly look forward to hearing more songs from the artist. But until then, I'll just keep streaming 'Do You Regret It?' and get some much-needed validation.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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