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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Do You Wanna Party" - FLEECE

Music and dancing have a magical way of swirling us away into a world of joy. When the music takes over, it's kind of like a force that makes us shake off and forget all of the challenges from the day. It causes us to feel lighter, happier, and has us embracing the present moment. Music is an escape, and dancing is the bonus that has us feeling what it's like to be fully alive. FLEECE’s latest single, “Do You Wanna Party,” perfectly encapsulates this feeling into a super vibey summer song that’ll have you on your feet ready to “shake off every sorrow.”

This jam dropped just in time for summer. It’s a playful and vibey song with extremely angelic vocals. The song kicks off with someone being invited to a party that's happening down the street. The lyrics explain that canceling whatever plans they had for the day to go to a party will have them shaking off “every sorrow” as they move their hands and bring their party pants. We all know that party’s can be fun because you get to meet and dance with a bunch of strangers while also finding new music, but the music blasting can also create an escape for you. The line, “run away with me,” is repeated multiple times throughout the song. This is used to say that music can cause you to tune out all of the external; the challenges that happened earlier in the day that were weighing you down. It's also saying to let it all out with those around you that are doing it too. A break from the world is sometimes needed, even if it's by slaying the day away with strangers.

FLEECE is an indie rock band from Montreal, Canada. The members are made up of 4 pretty best friends known as Matt Rogers (vocalist/keyboard), Megan Ennenberg (vocalist/guitarist), Jameson Daniel (guitarist) and Ethan Soil (drums). With their debut album, Scavenger, released back in 2015, they have since followed up with two additional albums, Voyager and Stunning & Atrocious, which came out in 2017 and 2021. They currently have over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and have surpassed 5 million streams on multiple songs, one of them being “Do U Mind?” from their Stunning & Atrocious album. Keep up with FLEECE with the links below and check out their newest single, “Do You Wanna Party,” out now on streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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