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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "don't miss me too much" - thuy

Having such an intimate, fun, and maybe even a little clingy relationship is healthy and wholesome. It reflects how comfortable you are with your significant other, but also has the effect of intensifying your feelings and adoration for them when you spend time apart from each other. In Thuy’s newest jam, “don’t miss me too much,” she shares that her feelings about her partner are growing fonder the more she spends time away from them, even if she just saw and spent time with them. This fresh dance-R&B bop is not only adorable, but also hits right in the feels. It's a relatable hit, one where we’ve all experienced feeling more attached to someone we like after we just hung out, and getting impatient waiting for the day to see each other again, even if that day is in just a couple of days on the weekend!

The relationship that Thuy is singing about is not even a long-distance relationship, which makes this funnier to think about, but also super adorable! That feeling of missing your person, and finally getting to see them again is one that nothing can top. She described the emotions she feels in this moment, and how they’ve grown since the last time she’s seen them: “Your love is better on the weekend. And your touch is better when it's been so long.” The anticipation of seeing someone you love after missing them (even if it was just for a couple of days) is what love is all about. With each passing day, that feeling of butterflies in her stomach grows, and the mutual joy they both feel when they finally reunite feels warm. Although she hates the waiting period, the moments where they reunite feels worth it: “Can’t wait for the weekend to feel it again.” In the music video for this song that’s 1 of 3 in her latest EP “don’t miss me too much,” Thuy embraces her body after finding a love for it and feeling comfortable in her skin. In an Instagram post, she shares that she is now, “At a place in my life where I don’t want to be apologetic for being sensual, for being loud, and for loving myself.” It also ties into the meaning of her EP. She states that it’s, “Another layer of who I am and I’m excited for you guys to also feel sexy and confident.”

Thuy is an R&B singer-songwriter, originally from the Bay Area but currently residing in Los Angeles. Raised in a Vietnamese household, Thuy was expected to find a career in medicine. She initially pursued this route, but decided to take a detour and explore music. Her career in music skyrocketed as both of her albums were successful, with singles, “universe” and “girl’s like me don’t cry” both surpassing 45 million streams on Spotify, and led her to headline a sold-out tour in Europe. Just 2 weeks ago on October 30th, she had released a 3 track EP titled “don’t miss me too much.” The 2 other tracks are “no ties,” and “attention.” The EP as a whole radiates her confidence. Stay connected with Thuy by following her socials by clicking on the links below, and make sure to check out “don’t miss me too much” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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