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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Don't Miss You At All" - Yael Danon

Sometimes realizations aren’t slow. Occasionally, we find ourselves perfectly happy one moment, and the next, reality comes out of the blue and hits us in the face. Not everyone or everything is destined to stay in our lives; at some point, we realize that we have to face the facts and take a step forward without them. But it’s not always bad. The startling realization of knowing you’ve outgrown your present comes with the pleasant acceptance of knowing that maybe it won't hurt so bad—that the good will come sooner than you believe. In “Don’t Miss You At All” by Yael Danon, she talks about knowing that you’re done with what’s happening but not being afraid to move forward because you can’t find the reasons to stay.

It's immersed in a hypnotic feeling, passionately coming at us with a seductive and confident vibe to tell us she’s better off without that part of her past. She sings, “All I think of when I look back on/Those days is how my life was so much/Easier, but it wasn’t what I wanted”. This lyric talks about how we find ourselves content with our surroundings and the peace of staying within our comfort zone. Danon brings up the idea that maybe our comfort zone isn’t where we should be staying—perhaps the life we want to lead is somewhere we can’t see from our current position. We need to have the courage to move forward, knowing that one day we’ll look back and say, “Oh, I don’t miss it at all”.

Yael Danon is an Israeli-Panamanian pop singer making waves with her music. She recently shared “Don’t Miss You At All”, an upbeat and energetic track telling people she’s growing and realizing her worth. It’s inspirational to her listeners, giving them the confidence to reevaluate their standings and relationships—to say to them that it’s okay to want more, that it’s okay to go for something better, to put themselves first. She has an impressive history, winning Israel’s Got Talent in 2019 at the age of 13 before deciding to start telling her own stories through music.

Written by Jane Katryn



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