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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "(Don't Quit Your) Daydream" - Lily Meola

Lily Meola releases inspiring track “(Don’t Quit Your) Daydream” about never giving up on yourself or the dreams that fill your eyes with stars. In life, a lot of people will try and dim your light or squash your dreams, but Lily wanted to create something that would encourage young people to listen to their heart, and go after what they want. Instead of the age old, “Don’t quit your day job,” where people indirectly say you can’t be successful, Lily wants us to know to never give up. All great achievements, fame, and profits once started out as a dream. No one is saying it’s easy, but believing in yourself is always worth it. There comes a time when you have to block out outside voices and influences, and follow your heart. Nobody knows you, or what you’re capable of, better than yourself. Keep believing in yourself, continue to fight for yourself, remember that triumph can take time, and don’t ever quit your daydream.

“(Don’t Quit Your) Daydream” is a reimagined version of Lily Meola’s impactful 2021 single, “Daydream.” In this song, a bright piano melody lifts Lily’s lyrics through an uphill climb. A sea of emotions in the powerful build before a climatic second chorus lends to her audience experiencing much more than just a song. Her message is compelling and necessary in a society that has a lot of closed doors and people telling you to follow suit. Lily shares, “I feel like I wrote this song for my future self, to re-inspire me to never quit my daydream.” Her poetic poignancy and beautifully crafter arrangement come together to create a timeless ode to following your dreams. “(Don’t Quit Your) Daydream” is a delightful masterpiece with a meaningful message that will never go out of style.

Lily Meola is a singer/songwriter born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Her passion for music was born as a passenger in her mom’s car listening to legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King. She began performing in local bars and cafes around Maui at just 11 years old. Mentored by super-producer Bob Rock, Lily toured with the likes of Willie Nelson, and was featured on his album of duets, “To All The Girls…” She wrote songs with Jackson Browne, and she has shared the stage with icons like Steven Tyler, Kris Kristofferson, Alice Cooper, and more. Lily has spent the last few years in the studio writing and producing the soulful pop songs that make up her most recent EP, Daydream, and she is just getting started on making all of her dreams a reality!

Written By Grace Chapman



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