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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "don't sleep, repeat" - 44phantom feat. Machine Gun Kelly

44phantom and Machine Gun Kelly have teamed up to create an intense track about their inner demons. The duo had been wanting to collaborate for a while, and were finally able to find some studio time. During their writing session, they realized that they have one overlapping similarity: their struggles with their vices. As a result, “don’t sleep, repeat”, was born. The song sheds a light on mental health and the different coping mechanisms that come with it. With lyrics like, “’Cause nothing feels right//I’m gonna jump off the edge” and “You told me you love me, but my trauma doesn’t trust that,” the listener can empathize with the artists. The duo describes the struggle of depression and anxiety that makes a person want to run wild to forget the pain.

“don’t sleep, repeat” is a song that consumes listeners. With the vulnerable lyrics and the catchy beat, audiences are immediately captivated. The song begins with smooth, electric guitar that sooths the listener and remains constant throughout the track in the background. These slow guitar riffs are then paired with fast, synth beats creating a unique track that is simultaneously relaxing and makes you want to dance. The track is paired with a psychedelic music video that is very reminiscent of the grunge style in the 90s. The video was directed by experienced director, Andrew Sandler, and filmed in 44phantom’s hometown of Seattle. The video highlights the chemistry of the duo, proving that they were destined for a collaboration. “don’t sleep, repeat” is an infectious track that makes fans beg for future 44phantom and Machine Gun Kelly collaborations.

Brayton Matthews, known under the stage name 44phantom, is a grunge-pop artist from Seattle. He released his first single, “Break Your Heart”, in 2019 which earned him a recognizable name in the genre. Since then, he has released several standalone singles, an EP entitled Bittersweet, and a full-length album entitled die sometime, it’s good for u. Colson Baker, best known as Machine Gun Kelly, is a rapper, singer, musician, and actor from Cleveland. In 2012, he released his debut album, Lace Up. Since this time, he has released several albums, EPs, and standalone singles including many collaborations. His most recent album, mainstream sellout, was released in March 2022. Currently, he is on tour promoting this album with multiple supporting acts including 44phantom himself and other impressive artists, such as Avril Lavigne, WILLOW, Blackbear, and more.

Written By Karlee Smith




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