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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "don't speak" - go4broke

Social Anxiety is something many people suffer from. In a world that revolves around having a social presence, especially in the music industry, it can be mentally exhausting to keep up. go4broke's new song 'don't speak' is about the internal struggle with yourself when you have to be a social person to be seen as successful, but you don't necessarily want to be a social person. It's hard having a passion for music, but not being the extrovert you feel you should be in order to share your art. You miss being alone, having the time to wind down by yourself without having to worry about what others may think of that. Peace and quiet is what you long for when you're in a crowded environment, and all you want to do is get out.

Don't let the upbeat and catchy vibe of the soundscape fool you. Although the music is incredibly captivating with it's dreamy mellow-pop flow, go4broke describes 'don't speak' as his "social anxiety anthem", as the lyrics give us personal detail into how he deals with his own battle with anxiety. Sometimes being alone is the best thing for us when we're going through a lot inside of our heads. Take that time to step back and take care of yourself before jumping back into that trendy social scene. 'don't speak' is the lead single for his new EP coming out this winter, so keep tabs by following him with the links below.

go4broke is a solo alternative pop project created by Parker Keskinen in 2021, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His talents include writing, producing and performing his own music. He writes of personal and relatable experiences, paired with ethereal soundscapes, smooth ear-catching vocals, and classic dreamy vibes. go4broke is just getting started and still plans to release a music video for 'don't speak', so get ready!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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