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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "dopamine" - Zach Hood

Relying on your partner for happiness is one thing, but having them be your only source is something completely else. Zach Hood’s “dopamine” knows this well, and with this being his first release of 2024, it kicks off the new year with a single that wants you to know that if the love in a relationship isn’t sustaining the both of you– or one of you isn’t in the right place to do so– then it’s okay to let go and remember what you had, fondly. A somber ballad, “dopamine” combines stormy imagery and soft beats to illustrate a relationship that clings in spite of the problems it brings. Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault that a relationship ends, and if it isn’t the right time or the right person, then there’s no shame in ending things.

I love a good ballad and Hood absolutely provides that in “dopamine”. Soft piano and synth draw you in by creating a soundscape that feels vast and wide, like standing at the edge of a cliff; you’re encased in a sonic experience that is immersive and colored with deep emotion. And, like with most songs, I’ve completely latched onto the songwriting. Hood artfully manages to capture what it feels like to be in a relationship that is slowly crumbling, bit by bit, in a song with lyrics that are just as poetic as the instrumentals. I really love the line “I know this feelin’ isn’t home”, which drives just how much this relationship has deteriorated. The chorus is especially phenomenal; combined with Hood’s smooth and evocative vocals and the pining percussion, it’s that one part of the song that you won’t be able to stop humming with how hooky it is. The expert songwriting and passionate vocals make "dopamine" a fantastic heartbreak anthem; it's a vibrant combination of everything that makes songs about the end of relationships so addictive and relatable.

Zach Hood was born and raised in Daphne, Alabama. With over 200 million streams across his first six singles, placements on Spotify’s Pop Rising, and an appearance on the Global Viral 50 chart, it’s a simple thing to say that Hood is a pop phenomenon. He specializes in blending poignant emotions with that pop touch that is honest, earnest, and personable. While he began posting social media content, he eventually signed a record deal with Arista. His first visit to a recording studio produced his 2020 hit “Flashbacks” which has amassed over 49 million streams on Spotify to date. Likewise, his 2022 debut EP “BLOSSOM” has done just as well, with its most popular track “never knew a heart could break itself” having over 36 million streams on Spotify. “dopamine” is Hood’s latest release and is absolutely the next addition to your playlists.

Written By Alexa Leung



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