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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Dormant" - Veronica Tavares

Veronica Tavares’ brand new single “Dormant” puts a spotlight on self-discovery while portraying the thoughts of someone who feels trapped in a state of dormancy. This introspective anthem is not only a great listen, but a uniquely beautiful song. The metaphorical dormancy spoken about in the lyrics emphasizes the possible suppression of one’s voice and self-agency after difficult times. A crucial moment within the song’s story is the following, “I forgot I had a choice/ to wake up from it.” Here, Tavares begins to mention an awakening of sorts. Ultimately, the song reflects on the realization that feeling immobilized by circumstance is a choice. There always remains an inherent power to break free from complacency. Artistically, Tavares does an amazing job of displaying how grappling with doubts and uncertainties of self-worth is not only a vulnerable topic to sing about; but a very relatable one.

The track’s calming tone, twist on the modern pop genre, and infectious guitar cords are a reminder to listeners that even in challenging times, we always have the power to overcome life’s many obstacles. She treats this single as a rallying cry to shake off your cobwebs and seize control of your days again. “Dormant” envelops listeners into its gentle sound and soft vocals. The vulnerability of the lyrics is certainly felt due to Tavares’ immense vocal talent. The harmonies on the track add a depth and richness to the sound. These qualities combine to create an immersive and captivating listening experience. Through it all, the repetition of the word “Dormant” ties the song thematically together with a bow.

Veronica Tavares’ journey as a singer/songwriter took root at the Berklee College of Music and in her childhood home where classical melodies were often played aloud. The violin was her first choice of instrument. Throughout her musical career, she has skillfully woven her Brazilian heritage into the fabric of American-pop, drawing inspiration from her roots. As a result, her music transcends borders and genres. Throughout her EP “Blueprint of a Dream” released in 2013, Tavares unveils her talent for crafting melodies that feel introspective and refreshingly new. The lyrics of her work invite listeners to ponder life’s big questions; she always does an excellent job of capturing the human experience. With a classical foundation and a contemporary twist, Tavares invites her audiences to join her in a world where nostalgia meets innovation. If you loved Veronica Tavares’ brand new single “Dormant” and want to hear more, check out all of her social media below!

Written By Casey Hascup



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