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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Drama Queen" - Paul Vinson

“Drama Queen” is a biting rock-pop single about a love that you know that’s wrong. Though the person in question is a drama queen and mean, Vinson can’t help his feelings, hoping that no matter what is taken from him, love will be returned. He’s sure that this drama queen persona is simply a persona, and if he keeps trying to peel back the veil, true feelings will eventually be revealed.

Paul Vinson’s crooning melody traipses into the audience’s ears, catchy and self-reflecting. Throughout the song, the bouncy melody of the guitar accompanied by the ever-present beat of the drums drives the energy of the song, keeping it in pace with Vinson’s lilting words. As he puzzles about where it could have all gone wrong and hopes to stitch the relationship back together, the instruments accompany him tirelessly as he repeats “Never, never, never, never”, emphasizing the futileness of his actions.

Hailing from a small town in Florida, Paul Vinson is now a Nashville-based artist, leaning back on his classic rock roots while incorporating his current inspirations and sounds of the industry. Vinson’s crisp delivery accompanied by the grit of the electric guitar creates a sharp sound, perfect for the biting truths and vulnerabilities he shares. His song “Drama Queen” looks at the joys and sorrows our idiosyncrasies bring and how it forces us to recognize that some of our greatest strengths are also the ones that tear us down.

Written By Megan Cao



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