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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Easier Pretending You're Dead" - Connie Talbot

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Connie Talbot releases “Easier Pretending You’re Dead.” This dark lullaby is an antidotal offering to remedy the hardships of heartache. This melancholy track is steeped with undertones of empowerment and individual strength. There comes a time in the aftermath of vanished love that you must let go of the past because the recollection of grandeur is holding you back. The truth is never quite as good as your memories make it to be, and that’s what keeps us holding tight to something, and someone, that no longer serves us. Pretending a past lover is no longer with us may sound sinister, but when someone turns out to be a person you never really knew, they were never really here with you in the first place. When the mask falls, and you’re left with someone’s true-self when their hidden intentions finally come to light, you’re left in the wake of a tragedy and mending a heart you did not break. You can’t mourn the loss of someone you never had. They’ve left you with deep scars that no bandaid will heal, so as you embark on life’s next journey, you have to do what you can to let your demons lie, even if just for a moment. They broke your trust; they altered your once hopeful outlook on real-life fairytales. Never apologize for choosing yourself and moving forward, and when the sadness subsides, it may just be easier to pretend they’re dead, and find solace in knowing a widow is known for the beautiful webs they weave after tragedy.

“Easier Pretending You’re Dead” is a chilling alt-pop track about reconciling with yourself after a breakup. Connie Talbot is entering a new era. Dark, foreboding and undeniably her own, this song unveils this exciting pivot, meanwhile, providing the perfect coalescence for new Connie to lay old Connie to rest. Her lulling vocals interweave with stirring melodies to create a mesmerizing ballad. Connie brings humor and drama to a seemingly uncomfortable issue of dealing with a broken heart. “Easier Pretending You’re Dead” is a metaphor for moving on and detaching yourself from someone who captured your soul. Her chilling storytelling lends to a sonic masterpiece, and if we’re dead, please play this at our funeral.

Connie Talbot is a world-renowned singer-songwriter born and raised in a small area just outside of Birmingham, England. She had an instant connection with music, and she knew its power to make you feel something from a young age. At just 6 years old, Connie took the world by storm with her cover of “Over the Rainbow” on Britain’s Got Talent. Now, almost two decades later, she is ready to show everyone the artist she has become in recent years. She released her debut album, Over the Rainbow, at 6 years old, and it skyrocketed to gold status in the UK and platinum in South East Asia, making her the youngest artist in history to ever achieve such success. Connie spent the years following honing in on her craft as a musician and songwriter. She has found her voice, and she is kickstarting her self-proclaimed "official music career" in 2023. Connie is set to release her coming-of-age 4-track EP, unveiling her new sound. Connie is coming into her own with new found confidence and a darker experimentation with music, and this is just the start of her second, worldwide domination!

Written By Grace Chapman



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