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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "easy" - Katie Thorne

Katie Thorne sings “easy” for whoever is in their twenties, trying their best, or just figuring out who they are in this big, wide world. “easy” calls for love and adventure, to make space for that part of yourself that wants to take risks in spite of the consequences; being young– being a person– is about trying new things, saying “yes” even if those things may not go the way you expected them to. Backed by groovy strings and a chill beat, Thorne shows that taking the easy route is sometimes worth a shot, whether or not it's just for the experience. After all, you’re only twenty once!

I think my favorite part of “easy” is just how smooth it is. It’s hard to understate the immaculately chill vibes that resonate off of every verse; coupled with Thorne’s oscillating vocals that’ll send shivers down your spine, “easy” is a sensual cocktail of soft jazz influences and indie-pop. In between each chorus and verse are soft breaths and twangy strings, really emphasizing the core message of "easy": youthful hedonism, feeling good, and having a good time– repercussions and ramifications being only a second thought. At one point, the narrator's friend acknowledges that some risks aren’t worth it, singing, “Girl, that boy got no potential/He just wanna hit and leave you in the dust and make you cry,” but that’s what being in your twenties is all about, as the narrator replies, “I’m about to risk it all for a physical high.” “easy” is a collection of experiences and freedoms and fun that you can have as a young person in a big city, alone and independent for the first time in your life, replete with a complex soundscape and tactile lyrics that pull you deep into Thorne's music.

Sydney-based Australian singer-songwriter Katie Thorne is the jazziest pop powerhouse you’ll ever hear. With soft strings and a melodic voice, Thorne manages to thread the needle between indie-pop and soft, groovy jazz. In 2021 her debut single “In My Room” was released, which was followed by her 2022 single “I Hate Your Girlfriend”; both singles are also part of her 2022 debut EP “Wine Drunk.” Thorne’s music touches all the benchmarks of what it means to be young in the modern day; whether she’s singing about embracing youthful risks, online dating, or jealousy, her music is immensely relatable to everyone. “easy” is Thorne’s latest release and is a perfect August song for those warm summer nights in the city.

Written By Alexa Leung



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