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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “EAT” - Zoe Ko

I got really excited when I was asked to review this song, because I think Zoe Ko has a super fun and unique style of music. And “EAT” may be one of her best yet! “EAT” is a song about loving yourself, “eating”, and “serving”; as Ko herself describes it. I think the lyrics got me into a really fun headspace where I felt super powerful, like I could run the world. I especially like the lyric “Drag my girls and strut the street / Like cold hot killers / Serving dinner / Drop men like accessories.” I think this song has a super sexy vibe to it, that much is evident from some of the song’s first lyrics. I think everyone needs a solid anthem to make them feel empowered and confident. I think “EAT” is a great example.

Right away, I could hear a lot of Gwen Stefani in Ko’s voice. It transported me back to early 2000s pop punk, where artists like Avril Levine truly shined. I also like the almost electric sound this song has. I can tell a lot of production work went into making this song, so I think it sounds great. I also noticed that Ko has a super raspy voice, she tends to draw out the ends of each verse. And honestly, I think it works well in the context of this song. I vibed with it fairly easily.

I’ve heard a few of Zoe Ko’s songs before, but haven’t really connected with one as I did with “EAT”. So, if you haven’t enjoyed listening to her music yet, I hope you all start today! Zoe Ko is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from New York City. To highlight the female experience, Ko has released numerous catchy hits that have connected with women everywhere and has been doing so since 2022. Some of her most popular hits include songs like “DIRT,” “Lovesick in Public,” and “Pink Noise.” With an average of nearly 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Ko is making major moves connecting with her audience. Ko is currently on tour, with her final stop in Boston, Massachusetts on May 1. Go stream “EAT” today!

Written By Isabel Mays



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